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This Job Sucks Podcast

This Job Sucks is your one-stop-shop for all things travel, bringing you a much needed break from the age old webinars. Tune-in to hear about the latest and greatest selling tips, AIC Hotel Group updates, new initiatives, travel agent Q & A's and industry news through candid conversations brought to you by AIC Hotel Group's executives and other special guests.


Episode 4: Penguin Moonshine: Feat. Jack Maxwell The Booze Traveler

On this episode, "Penguin Moonshine," the Travel Channel's cocktail connoisseur, Jack Maxwell calls in to chat with about his gig on Booze Traveler, including fun anecdotes about his travels around the world, rituals he has been part of, his experience at UNICO 20º87º, and his tips on the best drinks travel agents can order to impress clients.

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Episode 3: Bells and Whistles Featuring Frank Maduro

Dan Jimenez chats with AIC Hotel Group's VP of Marketing, Frank Maduro about the ins and outs of the business covering everything from concerts, grand openings, and some of the crazy celebrity rider requests Frank has received throughout his time with the company, to some of AIC Hotel Group's biggest differentiators from other hospitality brands including the brand new Limitless All-Inclusive program.

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Episode 2: I Do, Do You?: Feat. Director of Weddings, Carilis Felipe and Celebrity Event Designer, Colin Cowie

AIC Hotel Group's Director of Weddings, Carilis Felipe dives into all things destination weddings, discussing the process of booking a destination wedding at one of our hotels, the ever controversial minimum length of stay and location assignments. In addition to a candid interview with celebrity event designer Colin Cowie, and a special appearance from Kenya Garcia -- weddings manager at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya.

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Episode 1: Death of the Webinar with Ash Tembe

Welcome to the This Job Sucks podcast! This first episode delves into our transition into the podcast world, leaving webinars behind, and bringing our partners a training tool that truly fits the travel professional's on-the-go lifestyle. Tune-in to hear from our first guest speaker, Ash Tembe (VP of North America Sales), touch on our most recent developments with Limitless All-Inclusive, the new AMPED Agent's Facebook group and more, closing off with an entertaining storytelling segment.

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